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We can repair and install garage flood vents.

Residential garage flood vents are openings installed on garage doors to mitigate the impact of flooding. These vents are typically part of a flood protection system for homes located in areas prone to flooding. The main purpose of residential garage flood vents is to let water flow in and out of the garage freely during a flood, preventing structural damage and reducing the risk of buoyancy or collapse caused by the pressure of floodwater.

Residential Garage Flood Vents in Brunswick, Georgia

When floodwaters rise, residential garage flood vents are designed to operate automatically. When the water gets to a certain level, the vents will open and let water flow through, which equalizes the pressure level outside and inside of the garage. These vents also let water flow out of the garage and prevent it from coming back in, preventing damage caused by water staying inside the structure.

At Overhead Door Company of Brunswick, we highly recommend adding residential garage flood vents to your garage door system. Flooding can cause significant damage to your home in Brunswick, Georgia, and these vents can help prevent serious issues in the event of a major flood.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about residential garage flood vents and why they are an important aspect of flood prevention. To learn more about residential garage flood vents and how they work, get in touch with us today.