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We can fix nearly any type of commercial garage door.

Having a garage door at your location is a convenient way to move inventory in and out and a secure place to store vehicles and other equipment. If you’re ready to upgrade your location and add a new garage door, or if you need to replace an existing garage door at your site, we can help.

Commercial Garage Doors in Brunswick, Georgia

At Overhead Door Company of Brunswick, we install commercial garage doors throughout the Brunswick, Georgia area. We have several different types of commercial garage doors available for you to pick from, so you end up with the right one for your business and its daily operations.

More specifically, there are three different types of commercial garage doors we install:

  • Sheet doors—While they are typically lighter than other types of garage doors, these doors require less of an upfront investment.
  • Rolling doors—Rolling garage doors feature several slides that separate upon opening. Then, at the top of the opening, they roll up into a “barrel” type shape. One of the main benefits of these doors is they are incredibly sturdy and require minimal maintenance.
  • Sectional doors—These doors are divided and hinged into several sections. When you roll up the garage door, these sections collapse, and when you roll it down, the sections expand. Popular materials for sectional doors include stainless steel and aluminum.

We know commercial garage doors, and we can help you select the right one for your business. To learn more about the commercial garage doors we offer and install, reach out to us today.


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