Fire Door Drop Test, Brunswick, GA

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We conduct fire door drop tests.

A fire door drop test is a procedure that is conducted to assess a fire door’s overall functionality and reliability. Your building’s fire doors are critical parts of your passive fire protection system. These doors are designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke within your building during a fire, providing a barrier that helps protect occupants and property.

Fire Door Drop Test in Brunswick, Georgia

During a fire door drop test, the garage door is subjected to a controlled force to ensure it functions as it should in the event of a fire emergency. This test is usually conducted to evaluate the self-latching and self-closing features of the door.

Fire codes and regulations may require periodic testing of your fire doors, and as a building or business owner, you are responsible for ensuring these tests are conducted and documented. With regular fire door drop testing, you can identify any problems with the operation of the door and ensure you get repairs and replacements taken care of quickly to maintain your fire protection system’s integrity.

At Overhead Door Company of Brunswick, we conduct fire door drop tests at locations throughout the Brunswick, Georgia area. Hire us to complete your fire door drop test, and we will complete the process with complete excellence from beginning to end.

Protect your building, your employees, and your business by making regular fire door drop tests a priority. To schedule a fire door drop test or learn more about what happens during this service, contact us today.