Dropping for Safety: What Happens During a Fire Door Drop Test?

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In the event of a fire, your fire-rated garage door can prove the difference between safety and hazard. That said, you need to be sure whether your existing fire door can provide real fire protection. The best way to know is through a fire door drop test performed by a professional.

Dropping for Safety: What Happens During a Fire Door Drop Test?

So, what happens during a fire door drop test? The test begins with a visual inspection of the door assembly and an operational evaluation. An inspector will examine the door panels, hardware, release devices, guides, and more for any issues that could impair operation and fire resistance. They test that the door raises and lowers smoothly to ensure it will close when needed.

Next comes the dramatic drop test, where the inspector activates the fire door’s self-close mechanism. The door is then reset to the open position, and then the process is repeated. This simulates the door’s emergency closure during a real fire. The fire door must pass these criteria to be deemed fire-worthy:

  • Remain operable and without damage to assemblies or hardware.
  • Close at a reasonable pace.
  • Close all the way to the bottom without leaving any visible gap.
  • Be able to reset its self-closing mechanism successfully.

Why is the Test Important?

Having your fire-rated door third-party tested ensures it meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance. This gives you peace of mind that your door will perform as it should when your employees’ lives are on the line. Furthermore, if the fire door fails in any of the above criteria, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule the necessary repairs before retesting.

Where Can You Find Someone to Perform the Test?

Overhead door companies like ours offer professional fire door drop tests. We also provide repairs in case the fire doors we’ve inspected don’t measure up to safety standards. If you’d like to schedule a fire door drop test at your business premises, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.