4 Trendy Features You’ll Find in the Latest Garage Door Openers

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4 Trendy Features You’ll Find in the Latest Garage Door OpenersGarage door openers have gone high-tech, and today’s openers integrate smart functionality and sleek aesthetics to revolutionize the way you access your garage. In this post, we’ll outline four amazing features that define the newest generation of garage door openers.

  1. Phone App Control. New garage door openers connect to your smartphone or tablet app via a WiFi connection, letting you open or close your garage from anywhere. Apps provide real-time status updates and greater control over your garage access than wall-mounted remotes. With app control, you’ll always have access at your fingertips.
  2. Assignable Key Code Entry. Keyless entry keypads on newer openers allow you to program unique entry codes for family, friends, or delivery personnel to enter your garage securely. This convenient feature lets you grant easy access without providing keys or remotes. You can also add, delete, or change the codes anytime you need to.
  3. Battery Backup. Never get locked out again with battery backup systems that power your opener during electrical outages. They prevent any interruption to your garage access in the event of power failure. As long as the batteries are charged, you’ll enjoy reliable entry 24/7.
  4. Quiet Operation. Quiet operation is a must for garages attached to living spaces. Modern belt-drive opener models operate much more quietly than older chain-drive openers. They are also fitted with better insulation and sound-dampening technology, which ensure smooth, quiet function. Therefore, you won’t disturb those inside your home every time you access the garage.

Garage door openers have undergone a modern makeover in recent years, and you can join in on the fun too! If you’re tired of that outdated, rickety opener, consider replacing it with one of our high-tech options here at Overhead Door Company of Brunswick today.