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Our fire door drop tests are extremely thorough, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

Fire doors are a crucial safety component in a wide range of buildings, helping protect occupants and inventory from the dangers of a fire outbreak. However, simply having fire doors installed is not enough. As a responsible building owner, you must ensure that you are having regular fire door drop tests performed to evaluate their dependability and efficacy. At Overhead Door Company of Brunswick, we are proud to provide fire door drop test services to customers in Glynn County, Georgia, affording peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

Fire Door Drop Test in Glynn County, Georgia

The main purpose of a fire door drop test is to verify that the fire doors in a facility will close and latch properly when they need to. We test several criteria, including the seal, latch, and overall integrity of the door to ensure that it is ready to protect your facility in the event that a fire breaks out, preventing smoke, flames, gas, and other hazards from spreading.

Many commercial buildings are required to perform routine fire door drop testing to ensure that they are in compliance with relevant laws and codes. We work with a wide range of customers, including schools and educational institutes, medical facilities, office buildings, retail stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more. Trust us to thoroughly test your fire doors and provide any repairs or replacements needed to ensure they are functioning exactly as they should be.

The safety of your building and its occupants is something that should never be compromised on, so make sure you trust our skilled team to perform your next fire door drop test. Reach out today to learn more about our process or to inquire about scheduling a fire door drop test at your property.

Fire Door Drop Test in Brunswick, GA